Family Crests & Inlayed Artwork

Since the 1800’s it has been a tradition to incorporate family crests and other art work into the design of decorative glass signs and mirrors. Customarily the art work was applied to the back of the glass, painted in reverse, in order to be appreciated from the front of the glass or mirror. Many graphic images were completely hand painted while more detailed or complex art work employed lithographs.

At Custom Glass Signs I work with both traditional and contemporary techniques to create timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for generations. Incorporating the artwork of a Family Crest, historic photograph, pet, company logo, car, motorcycle or virtually any significant image, I can create a personalized glass sign or mirror which will be an asset to any home or business.

Family Crest Sign

Family Crest Custom Sign

Family Crest Sign

Adventure 16 Custom Sign

Custom Bar Sign

Bar Sign

Personalized Bar Sign

Custom Bar Sign

Custom Bar Sign
Persnalized Bar Mirror

Flood's Bar Sign

Custom Family Crest Sign
John's Bar Sign

We offer numerous types of custom family crests signs and inlayed mirrors that build based on your specifications.