Restaurant Mirrors, Restaurant Lounge Mirrors and Bar Mirrors

Restaurant mirrors and Bar mirrors can be custom made for any type of restaurant and bar name and/or logo.

Restaurant and bar sign mirrors have been popular for centuries. Remember the old saloon bar mirrors seen in old western movies and history books? If you’re looking for a restaurant lounge mirror, we have built them. Large bar mirrors? We have built those as well. Antique bar mirrors? Yes, we have been building those for years for famous restaurant and bar establishments. We personalize and customize any mirror to your exact specifications.

Restaurant Mirror
New Bar Mirror with front frosted art work.

New Mirror with Back Painted Logo& Art

Restaurant Bar Mirror

Etched figurines on New Mirror Hennessey’s Bar in Hermosa Beach, CA
Lightning Brewery Bar Mirror
New Mirror with Back Painted Logo & Art
Custom Bar Mirror
Three Color Bar Mirror
Restaurant Bar MIrror
Pub Mirror with Acid Etching and Embossing, Brilliant Carving, Gold Leaf and Hand Painted Pictorials.
Restaurant Lounge Mirror
Glue Chipped Background Silver Mirror with Back Painted Lettering & Art Work

Restaurant Bar Mirror - Joyces Sports Bar
Clue Chipped Background Silver Mirror with Back Painted Lettering & Art Work 23 Gold Leaf Crackel Background, Mother of Pearl Golf Balls.

Restaurant Mirror Sign

Custom Glass signs makes restaurant mirrors, bar mirrors, restaurant lounge mirrors, large bar mirror, antique bar mirror, restaurant gold mirror, custom bar mirror, gold leaf mirror, custom etched mirror, inlayed mirror, and personalized bar mirror.